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CYBERMATE Spa is the Digital Innovation Hub, as well as the Research Organization, which drives companies in the process of digital transformation necessary for their growth and consolidation, not only in the domestic market, but also globally.

CYBERMATE Spa is one of the first Digital Innovation Hub in Italy established by private entities with the participation of governmental organisations. The mission is to become a guidance for every company in its digital transformation process for national and global markets growth.

CYBERMATE encourages the industrial development of Your company and the staff qualification through a specific approach to ongoing products and innovation services and through a strong commitment to R&D activities.

The role of the DIHs

D.I.H. (Digital Innovation Hub) is a new organisational method set up at European and National level, aiming at facilitating industrial digital transformation processes through networking, training, 4.0 technologies dissemination, best practices (ref. EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION REGULATION – COM (2018) 434 FINAL).

The structure of CYBERMATE

CYBERMATE can use know-how coming from many Public and Private entities already connected to the HUB.

It also has the expertise of hundreds of operators: university researchers, professionals, laboratories, technology companies, start-ups. The skills of these operators are very diversified: research, innovation, digital technical services, corporate finance, facilitated finance, legal skills, business strategies, strategic marketing.

COIN Network

CYBERMATE is linked to COIN (Collaborative Open Innovation Network), a research and technological innovation system founded in 2008.

COIN includes hundreds of companies, universities, research centers and organizations specialized in diversified digital technologies. The hundreds of technicians and researchers of the COIN network work together to develop complex research projects on public National and European funding programmes and on research contracts commissioned by private companies.

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