New scenarios in production processes impact not only machines and plants, but also how people interface with them. So expertise and skills sought change: the advanced knowledge of computer systems, the ability to move quickly among cyber-physical systems are the skills required of modern 4.0 operators.

Digital Innovation Hubs support and value companies as regards technologies and perform the social function to update the professional qualifications of workers committed to manage the new technological tools, while also encouraging the creation of new jobs.

CYBERMATE SPA offers 4.0 training programmes because it has:

  • experience and accreditation to carry out training projects of all kinds;
  • know-how in the 4.0 environment, acquired over decades of computer science and automation projects;
  • a network of more than 400 scientific and technology partners, among which the know-how of 4.0 technologies is strongly present.

Our expertise

  • Digital maturity evaluation
  • Introduction and dissemination of the 4.0 technologies
  • Funding programmes setting for 4.0 Innovation
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