Innovation Management Systems

Innovation is one of the pillars for business development. Therefore, innovation cannot be considered an occasional event, but a constant and measurable process that continuously generates competitive ideas and concepts.

The innovation process requires companies time, diversified resources and skills to plan, design, develop, manage and implement the correct digitization strategy.

CYBERMATE develops Innovation Management Systems that integrate innovation in all levels of the organizations, in order to seize and create opportunities for the development of new solutions, systems, products and services.

After a careful analysis of the innovative components (know-how, machines, equipment, employees, organization, finance), advanced techniques are used to accelerate innovation processes in terms of organizational processes, products / services and managerial mind, with particular attention to the 4.0 world.

CYBERMATE’s Innovation Management Systems are co-created with the company’s top management. They are characterized by flexibility, interactivity and alignment with company objectives.


• New earning opportunities
• Competitiveness and business development
• Transformation of innovation into a constant and measurable process
• Dissemination of the approach to innovation in the corporate culture
• Increased ability to respond to market changes and customer demand

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