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Italian programme Industry 4.0 is supporting the digitalisation process of Italian businesses. It is up to all the entrepreneurs to take on this new challenge to become part of the so-called “Forth Industrial Revolution”.

The programme is mainly addressed to SMEs needing to update their manufacturing process in order to increase their production, reduce costs, speed up delivery times: in one word, to enhance their competitiveness.

The Industry 4.0 programme assigns to Digital Innovation Hub the duty of stimulating and promoting innovation demand coming from manufacturing system. Businesses wishing to modify their process and organisations in a 4.0 perspective to keep up with the increasing complexity of required competences, they definitely need an external guidance.

CYBERMATE will provide those businesses with its own high competence in order to start a thought on innovation, to know new technologies and face this revolution.

Let’s see what Cybermate can do for You:

With the aim of developing Your business and increase Your competitiveness, You are requested to know all the new technologies and opportunities coming from the digital innovation.

CYBERMATE is spreading Industry 4.0 knowledge and methods through meetings, classes, digital and traditional informative materials, study and research on specific issues related to the 4.0 world; in addition, CYBERMATE is developing training programmes on most interesting technological contents.

Your company development is depending on several features: technologies, marketing, finance, organisation, new business process, personnel with the crucial role of blend all these elements in an efficient and effective way.

CYBERMATE is encouraging innovation process in Your company through the following steps:

1) Starting qualitative assessment on Your innovative features

2) Development of strategy definition

3) Innovation planning

4) Research on solutions strictly connected to new technologies

5) Implementation of new processes for a new organisation involving all the company’s departments

6) Setting a financial resources plan for fund raising

7) Continuous monitoring of the innovation process

Investing in 4.0 innovations is crucial for Your competitiveness. Adopting a new technology means the design of new strategic, productive and managerial processes to be developed consistently with the management, the culture and the company’s mission.

CYBERMATE is speeding up Your innovation processes in terms of organisational methods, products/services and managerial approach with a special focus on 4.0 digitalisation process.

CYBERMATE is offering and developing process transformation in an Industry 4.0 perspective moving from preliminary assessment and feasibility.

CYBERMATE is introducing a complete consultancy service on Industry 4.0 technologies, thus encouraging the implementation of the processes needed to get these new technologies together with the development of all company’s departments.

CYBERMATE is introducing a complete consultancy service on Industry 4.0 technologies, thus encouraging the implementation of the processes needed to get these new technologies together with the development of all company’s department.

CYBERMATE is offering the transformation of manufacturing processes towards Industry 4.0 thought project management, technical implementation and certification services.

Businesses need to review their processes and technical operations in order to get their IT system safe and mitigate cyber attacks which may compromise availability, authenticity, integrity and privacy of personal data.

CYBERMATE is developing, implementing and monitoring Your cybersecurity plan for data, IT systems and know-how protection.

Some regulation (as an example for IPER amortisation tax credit) require documents undersigned on the basis of a technical certification or report carried out by high qualified entity. Technical report requirement can make really difficult the regulation compliance for “not experienced personnel” as the report has to fully explain the realised investments. Businesses without this documentation can incur a monetary or criminal penalty.

CYBERMATE can attest the technical report sworn by its engineers regularly enrolled in professional register and can also support Your company in the elaboration of all the required documents, for Your complete relief.

CYBERMATE is developing continuing professional education for all the personnel involved in Your project.

Often businesses are not internally aware of all the questions arisen from legal aspects concerning the digital transformation.

CYBERMATE has got all the competences needed to face the digitalisation challenge, from personal data and information sharing management, to Intellectual Property Rights protection.

In the 4.0 world, new communication methods and instruments have been introduced.

CYBERMATE is supporting You in marketing and promotion activities through web and social marketing, event organisation, advanced technological tools.

The achievement of all these activities is the set of a complex system able to make
Your innovation and development strategy fully successful


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