Grants and tax relief

CYBERMATE SPA supports companies in identifying and accessing funding solutions to support research, development and innovation projects.

With the National Industry 4.0 Plan, the government strengthens the incentives to support Italian companies that want to renew their production machinery and face organizational and technological changes in order to increase their organizational efficiency and competitiveness.

CYBERMATE identifies strategies to accelerate innovation processes in manufacturing and helthcare companies.

Companies need to review their processes and operations to secure their IT systems and mitigate cyber attacks which could compromise the availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of personal data.

CYBERMATE designs, develops, implements and monitors the IT Security Plan to protect data, IT systems and know-how.

Research project contracts outsourced by private companies as well as researches funded directly by the regions, state and EU entities.

Many CYBERMATE collaborators are R&D experts accredited at an European, National and regional level.

CYBERMATE supports the enterprise in order to receive grants and tax relief dedicated to Research, Innovation and modernization investments.

CYBERMATE staff offers to companies complete technical and administrative assistance.

Companies that identify, value and optimize their intangible assets can access the Patent Box tax relief. The Patent Box system consists of a 50% tax deduction of the income deriving from the use of intangible assets.

CYBERMATE protects and enhances intellectual property, know-how and innovative processes.

CYBERMATE has developed a methodology for initiating and consolidating innovation management systems.

CYBERMATE provides qualified consulting to accelerate innovation processes thus achieving growth goals and creating a innovation system and culture apt to stimulate and govern the innovation flow.

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