cybermate - ricerca in partenariato su progetti finanziati da enti pubblici

Collaborative research granted by
European and National incentives

Many R&I public fundings introduced by Regional, State and European entities require a single project coordinated by several companies and in collaboration with a qualified Research Organization.

CYBERMATE SPA is a qualified research partner who can use know-how, organisation structure and working method to support your company in all phases of the project grants acquisition: from the submission of the funding proposal, to the planning, realisation and the coordination of the research projects.

Our expertise

  1. Feasibility study of the project
  2. Eligibility conditions for every project beneficiaries
  3. Collecting and analysis of technical, administrative and accounting data required
  4. Technical/administrative consultancy to develop the proposal drafting
  5. Supervision on technical contributions and know-how provided by partners
  6. Project management
  7. Analysis of the state of the art
  8. Market analysis
  9. Specification Requirement analysis and definition
  10. Dissemination and promotion of research achievements
  11. Final Report
  12. Accountability and reporting
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